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Villa & Sun room design

Quick draw and complete your villa design

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Villa & Sun room design

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A set of sales tools, quick drawing, high-definition rendering, one-click output plan report, simple operation
Mass material library, multiple design styles, zero-based drawing, shopping guide is also a designer,
Professional image,bring more orders

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Villa design advantages

6 major advantages

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Complete your customized designs

Rich design types

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Four steps complete your villa design

Make your sales become designers

  • Step 1: Design the foundation and generate the room type

    One-click to draw foundations of various shapes, which can be defined as various types of sun room types, flat roofs, inclined roofs, herringbone roofs, etc., parameterized custom sun room style

  • Step 2: Design doors and windows, display doors and windows

    Window type library is equipped with side-hung doors and windows, sliding doors and windows, screened windows, combined windows, special-shaped windows and other window-shaped door leaves, one-click selection, flexible combination of doors and windows with different characteristics

  • Step 3: Matching textures and placing furniture

    Choose furniture models, profile textures, glass and other materials according to your preferences, which can be matched and moved at will to create various decoration styles

  • Step 4: Render the renderings and complete the design

    Free choice of special scenes such as modern villas, sunny islands, quiet nights, etc., and support 4K high-definition rendering to enhance the texture of the design plan

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