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Fast Rendering

Quickly generate door and window effects

  • Easy to draw
  • Multiple scenes
  • Quickly output effects
  • Scenario marketing

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Easy design, fast generation effect

Promotes transactions

Fast rendering, built-in living room, balcony, bedroom and other styles of scenes, all kinds of doors and windows design is simple.
360 degree panoramic display, free walking in the scene space, can instantly replace door and window materials,
profile color matching as you like, truly restore the effect of doors and windows.
Automatically generate QR code sharing effect to help you sign orders quickly

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Future Home Design advantages

Customers First

Only 300 free quota per day

Complete your customized designs

Personality, intelligent, fast

Only 300 free quota per day

Four steps Complete your design

Everyone can be a designer

  • Step 1: select the scene and edit the house layout

    Select the appropriate style scene, edit the size of the layout and modify it

  • Step 2: Design door and window to generate effect

    Draw the window type, add locks, and quickly generate the interior effect of door and window

  • Step 3: change the material and show the effect

    Choose the profile color quality, open the door and window animation, walk freely in our scene

  • Step 4: edit information and output the plan

    Improve customer information, quotation data, output a complete set of programs

A full set of sales tools

From renderings to reports convince your clients

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Customer First

Only 300 free quota per day

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