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Doors & Windows Design

Improve design performance and promotes transactions

  • Electronic plotting
  • No need hand paint
  • Easy to learn
  • Accurate drawing

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Easy to learn Doors & windows design

Promotes transactions

It is future home software for doors and windows can be used while learning, and no basic knowledge can easily produce pictures.
Door leaf, screen window, grid strip, middle stile and other materials are all available.
Simply click and drag to complete various door and window design, that is fast and precise.

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Why you need Future Home?

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Future Home design advantages

Multiple functions make design easier

Only 300 Free Quatas Each day

Future Home redefining design

Easy to draw all kinds of doors & windows

Only 300 Free Quatas Each day

Four steps complete your design

Make your sales become designers

  • Step 1:Edit the window type and adjust it reasonably

    Choose the door and window type, adjust the size according to the actual situation, add a middle stile to perfect the door and window shape

  • Step 2: Add door leaf, 3D display

    Add door leafs and screen windows according to your usage habits and design needs to display 3D effects in three dimensions

  • Step 3: Matching accessories to complete the design

    Choose the glass grid style, change the color of hardware locks and materials

  • Step 4: Fill in the information, automatic pricing

    Fill in the basic customer information, select the appropriate pricing formula, and output a complete quotation form

A full set of sales tools

From renderings to reports convince your clients

Only 300 Free Quatas Each day

Future Home Provide Precision service

Customer First

Only 300 Free Quatas Each day

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