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Whole house design

Restore room type, free layout

  • Fast draw room type
  • Cost savings
  • Output scheme
  • HD rendering

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Whole house design advantages

Increase transaction rate | Building a professional image | Easy to use

Draw 1:1 high fidelity room type, modern, Nordic and Chinese decoration styles can be selected
Living room, dining room, bedroom furniture high-precision model free collocation, multi angle view design effect.
Fast drawing, diverse styles, improve design efficiency, low cost and high return,a strong assistant to store sales.

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Whole house design Advantages

3D Max effect easier your house design

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Whole house design begin in here

Intelligent settings

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Four steps to complete your design

Anyone can be a designer

  • Step 1:Design wall to generate house type

    One-click drawing of living room, bedroom, kitchen and other functional space walls, parametric editing of wall specifications

  • Step 2:Design doors and windows three-dimensional display

    Select and edit single door, sliding door, bay window and corner window with one key, and adjust the size to fit

  • Step 3:Intelligent embedded furniture

    Select furniture models of different styles according to your preference, drag and drop operation, and automatically absorb in place

  • Step 4:Effect rendering completes the design

    Select local space fixed mirror rendering or panoramic rendering, and output the effect picture

Visual display of design scheme

Improve order conversion rate

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Future Home Provide Precision service

Customer First

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